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After completing a degree in Interior Architecture I skipped into the world fresh faced and ready for the next challenge. Six years on and I needed to get hands on again, enter stage right, The Printed Tree.

I have big plans for The Printed Tree, I will tell all at a later stage, but for now I have searched high and low for the perfect fabrics to start my exciting venture with. Combining my love for new and old, I have a collection of new designer printed fabric and vintage found fabrics, all made into gorgeous goodies for your home. Oh… and they make great gifts also! Every piece is handmade and has an individual twist, making every item you give a new home to, unique.

Well that’s enough about me for the time being, back to the sewing machine and making more pretty things.



I started The Printed Tree as a creative outlet, a way of escaping the corporate world I suddenly found myself surrounded by. Although my day job is a creative one, exhibition/interior designer, it didn’t quench my thirst for being hands on. As a child I was always the one head first into the art and craft box, spending hours cutting, sticking, painting, sewing and knitting (well sort of); you name it I tried it. Following a creative career path was a natural step when leaving school.